The Transition Mentorship Program serves teens and young adults to help them develop essential real-world life skills that empower them to become successful independent adults.  This includes developing:

  • Self Esteem –  a positive sense of self that is internally generated
  • Personal Responsibility  – taking responsibility for your actions and being accountable
  • Daily Living Skills – learning to take care of yourself both physically and mentally
  • Life Skills – organizational, communication and interpersonal skills as well as self-motivation and internal drive to achieve
  • Goal Setting – establishing realistic short and long-term goals, including incremental measurable benchmarks.
  • Achievement – reaching the goals set and your own potential

The program is focused on building a long-term partnership with the young adult to help them reach their goals based on their needs. Each case is different and requires a unique approach in working one-on-one with the individual.

Our focus is on what the individual wants and needs to move forward to become productive and positive. Our philosophy is to focus on possibilities rather than problems. We do not judge the person’s circumstances but rather work to move in a positive direction. We set mutual expectations with the client of what we will do and they will do. Paramount to the partnership is compliance with those expectations, including obtaining proper medical care, timeliness, and follow up.

To get involved or for more information, contact our TEAM Mentor, Steve Pond, at (602) 955-3947 or email at


Thanks to our Sponsors

Thank you to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital for sponsoring the TEAM Mentorship program!

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