Zombie Walk proceeds go to programs and services provided by the Arizona Hemophilia Association.


All Zombie Walk proceeds go to producing the event and for programs and services provided by the Arizona Hemophilia Association.

Dear Loyal Zombies!

Are you ready to limp, shuffle and creep your way to the best outdoor Halloween Party in Downtown Phoenix? Downtown Phoenix Zombie Walk 9!

As many of you know, the Arizona Hemophilia Association (AHA) ‘resurrected’ the Zombie Walk last year after Downtown Phoenix announced that the Zombie Walk was dead, explaining that it could no longer host the event because ‘after 7 years the event became too big to plan, manage, staff and fund’.

Hearing the ghastly news, AHA pulled out our brains and thought….we are all about blood (we help those with chronic bleeding disorders), Zombies love blood, it just makes sense!

We partnered with Downtown Phoenix last year to make sure that the event continued. We offered free entry into the event last year with a $5 donation in the hopes that we could cover our costs and raise funds to support our mission. AHA is a nonprofit charity that relies on funds from events like this in order to provide programs and services for those in Arizona living with chronic bleeding disorders. Unfortunately, AHA lost money on the event, but our goal for the first year was just to keep the Zombie Walk from annihilation. We took over the event 6 weeks before the Apocalypse date so there was so much to do in so little time! We scaled it back but thanks to all of you, the Zombie Walk lives on……

This year we are bringing it back bigger and better, but this may be the gutsiest – and most charitable- one of them all! John Holmberg from 98KUPD Official is back as our Grand Marshall! We’ll have live bands, costume contest, food trucks, kid zone, zombification station, and of course, thousands of Zombies!

To help us keep this unique and amazing event alive, we are asking for your support in making sure all Zombies have their walking dead night out! To cover our costs and help raise funds for AHA, we are going to charge a $10 entry fee, but ghouls 12 and under are free. What do you get for your contribution? The largest gathering of Zombies in the city and the best outdoor Halloween Party! What you’ll find is that the real entertainment will be street side when families, decked out in scary or other Halloween fare, show their true and often bloody colors. Most importantly, you get to feel good while getting your freak on knowing that you are giving back to a great cause that helps your fellow Zombies stop the bleeding!

Please follow the Downtown Phoenix Zombie Walk page for updates! We can’t wait to see you there… dead or alive.




Please come back as the event gets closer for more information


 Please come back as the event gets closer for more information