Amanda’s Internship Experience

Throughout this semester, my last semester before earning a bachelor’s degree, I had the incredible opportunity to work as an intern for the Arizona Hemophilia Association. I first began working here in the summer as a Bayer Hemophilia Leadership Development Program intern. When school started and my time with Bayer ended, I got the chance to continue my work and receive college credit as well. This internship has been much different because I moved back to Tucson for school and worked primarily from home. If you have ever worked from home, you know how challenging it can be to stay focused! However, by keeping contact with everyone at the AHA office and traveling to Phoenix for various events, I was able to work on numerous projects to keep busy. This little guy was at my desk every day to help me stay focused! Some of my biggest accomplishments this semester have been successfully organizing a camp program, creating a blog, and putting on two events here in Tucson. At Camp HUG, I was in charge of the family challenge on the last day and it was very fun! I had been planning it out for a few weeks prior to camp and was nervous about getting it to run smoothly, but all of the camp staff helped me out. It turned out to be a lot of fun; we even made a “haunted cave” for the families to go through at the end.Another project I worked on was the Arizona Hemophilia Association blog. If you have not seen it, you can check it out at hemophiliaz.blogspot.org. I learned about how to design a blog and maintain the content on it. It can be difficult to

Our Staff: Jessica

Read about Jessica and how she became our wonderful program director. :) Jessica How is it, that the one thing we probably know the most about (ourselves), is often the one that is hardest to explain?  I guess I will start with the generic:  Hi! My name is Jessica.  My last name is Casper—for two more weeks—and then it will be Klass (pronounced like good ol’ Santa’s last name, not like “class”).  I am getting married in Cleveland, OH which come to find out, isn’t actually every bride’s dream destination location.  Who knew?  My soon-to-be husband is named Andy and we live in north Phoenix with our dog, Koko.  She is the ruler of all that goes on in our home.  If you met her, you would understand.  I mean, look at those teeth!   On a day off, you can catch me taking photos, hiking, trying a new restaurant, or spending time with family and friends.  I have a large family.  In fact, my parents divorced and I have half siblings on each side.  Ironically, they all get along, and we all love spending time together when we can.  How cool is that? I have one of those “back in the day” relationships with the Arizona Hemophilia Association.  I mean, remember when there was no “Arizona” in the name?  I do.  It was twenty-two years ago that my brother, Jeff, was diagnosed with hemophilia.  This was back in a time where no one even know what hemophilia was and it took a number of tests and accusations for that matter, to determine what was wrong.  I remember the first time my brother bled, not typical skinning of the knees bleeding but much more intense, much

First Post

Hi, everyone!This blog is all about our bleeding disorder community. Hopefully, it can be a fun way for us all to socialize over the internet and share stories. The content on here does not have to be all about blood, of course! Think of it as a scrapbook for our community. Send us pictures of places you have visited, recipes and crafts you love, struggles you are pushing through, and anything else you would like to share. Feel free to comment on posts and get a discussion going. We are all here to support one another and what better way to do so than through wonderful, instant communication?If you have any suggestions about the blog (whether you love it or hate it!), please leave us some feedback.-The Arizona Hemophilia Association