PEN 05.13

A Project Share Story

Zoraida Rosado

Project SHARE had another banner year providing blood-clotting medicine to developing countries. In 2012 we donated 5.6 million IU of factor, valued at $5.6 million, to 34 countries. Through these donations, we were able to provide relief to hundreds of people with bleeding disorders. We also donated

NovoSeven, valued at $427,000, to

6 countries. In a major contrast with past years, most of our donations in 2012 went to Latin America and the Caribbean.

            SHARE visited Zimbabwe in December—our fourth trip there. Laurie Kelley also visited Zambia, making the first official visit by a hemophilia program there. She met with a newly formed hemophilia organization and submitted an assessment report to the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH). SHARE provided $1,000 in funds to help the Haemophilia Foundation of Zambia (HFZ) create business cards and letterhead stationery.

            Our deepest thanks go to all who have donated factor to Project SHARE, especially those who donated in memory of a loved one. Project SHARE is also grateful for the continued financial support of our corporate partners in 2012:

            • ASD Healthcare

            • Baxter Healthcare Corporation

            • CSL Behring

            • New England BioLabs

            • Novo Nordisk Inc.

            • Octapharma