Blood Brotherhood

Welcome Brent, Our New Community Advocate

  Meet Brent Davila, the newest member to join our team at the AHA. Brent Davila grew up as a camper going to Camp HONOR, and was later a counselor for several years. Brent feels lucky enough to be working to help provide other members of our community with the same wonderful opportunities that he has had. At the AHA, Brent will be focusing his energy on our outreach and advocacy programs. Brent’s goal is to facilitate opportunities that would allow members of the bleeding disorder community to advocate for themselves. Few can understand and explain the challenges that those with bleeding disorders and their families face better than the very people living with these challenges every day. This is why Brent believes the Speaker’s Bureau is such a valuable tool. It gives individuals from our community with a vested interest in the well-being of families with bleeding disorders, a chance to let their voice be heard, and a chance to have a say in the matters that are important to us all. Moving into the future, Brent believes it would benefit the community at large to have an actively involved group of individuals that are comfortable with advocating on their own behalf, and on behalf of people with bleeding disorders everywhere. Brent hopes to help make this a reality. Brent believes that our community has shown that we can accomplish incredible things when we all work together. If you are interested in becoming a part of the Speakers Bureau, please contact Brent at the Arizona Hemophilia Association at 602-955-3947

George Coppock, Our New Team Mentor

George Dickson Coppock IV was born in Cave Creek, a small town just north of Phoenix, AZ. Most of his younger years were spent on his parents’ 7 acre farm on Cave Creek causing trouble with his 3 younger siblings. In 1986, his father opened a small family operated construction company, "Cave Creek Adobe" where George and his younger brothers would work during the amazing Arizona summers. George’s father believed in providing future generations with an affordable alternative for building an energy efficient home. George attended the local Cave Creek public schools until his 5th grade year, when his mother decided to home school the family. For the next 2 years, schooling was followed by working in the "Adobe Yard" as it was called. Upon completing his 8th grade entrance examination, George enrolled at Foothills Academy, a college prep school in the Cave Creek district. He attended Foothills Academy until his junior year when he switched to Cactus Shadows High School. Graduating in 2001, George looked forward to a career in the family business but wanted to further his education. He enrolled in PVCC a local Community College to pursue a career in engineering but soon found his passion in serving and helping others.  In the summer of 2001, George attended Camp HONOR for the first time and it was truly a life changing experience for him. In the years to come, George would bounce around from job to job, from providing turn down service at the Four Seasons, to custom machine fabrication for off road trucks, until finding his home at the Hemophilia Association. George really looks forward to serving the Hemophilia community in the future for many years to come.

Joshua Schmidt – Meet Arizona’s Newest Blood Brotherhood Member

 Hi, I am Joshua Schmidt. I am a Hemophiliac in Phoenix. I want to help you make your life better.     Having Hemophilia can be many different things for many people. Some of us don’t have to worry about much because we have good coverage and bleeds are not much of an issue. While some of us are still struggling to get the needs we have met, and sometimes you just can’t do it on your own. Whatever your situation with Hemophilia is, there is a great way to to build the quality of your own life and that is Blood Brotherhood!     When I moved to Arizona in 2010, I was in bad shape. My ankles were about to fuse themselves together before the doctor could. My wrists and forearms still need attention that I can’t give them until I get my legs are taken care of. Life was hard and the last thing I wanted was to deal with was more Hemophilia, or anything related to it. I did not want to think about doctor visits, shots, or stretching. I was also very alone. I had my wonderful family to help get me through it all, but they still don’t understand what I really go through. Nobody does but us. Sometimes we want to be left alone because we don’t want others to see us when we are down, yet we want somebody to help us through the pain we are experiencing.    Last spring was an eye opening experience for me. I was going out of town and needed some shots. I called to place my order and was told I could not because some laws were changing. I went to instant panic mode.

Insight into the Benefits of Online Communitcation

From the  Hemophilia Federation of America:Adult men living with hemophilia often suffer from joint damage, arthritis, and depression from their frequent health problems. Blood Brotherhood is a national program for adult men living with a bleeding disorder that provides education, support, and establishes a sense of community. Watch this video to find out more about the program and how to get involved. Blood Brothers from Hemophilia Federation of America on Vimeo.

Meet a Blood Brotherhood Member

Thinking about joining one of our Blood Brotherhood/Dads in Action events? A couple of the guys at the last Night on the Lake event were asked a few fun questions about themselves and their experiences in these programs. If this sounds like something you would like to participate in, join the guys at the Cardinals game on November 25th (contact Jessica at Meet Andy! 1. Programs you participate in with AHA: I participate in Camp HONOR, Camp HUG, the Salsa Challenge, the Hemophilia Walk, the holiday party, Blood Brotherhood, the annual meeting, the golf tournament, and in NACCHO. 2. What do you enjoy most about being involved with Blood Brotherhood? I enjoy Blood Brotherhood for the opportunity it provides to men with hemophilia.  We get to catch up with each others’ lives, and we get to learn something new, all in a fun setting.   3. What would you tell someone who has not been to a Blood Brotherhood meeting? The Arizona Hemophilia Association deals mostly with children with hemophilia and their families.  It’s refreshing to have a program just for us men.  We may see each other at community events, but Blood Brotherhood provides the perfect venue for all of us men to interact with each other, in a setting that’s just for us.  The atmosphere is open and supportive, and provides an environment for some great conversations between men who have shared common experiences in our journey with this disorder.   We share a common bond, and depending on how you view it, an opportunity or a responsibility.  An opportunity to support each other, and a responsibility to share with the younger generation, the parents and the children, the lessons we’ve learned from our experiences.  Messages about vigilance