Speaking Frankly

There is a cool international online magazine called "Speaking Frankly About Hemophilia" at frankly.net. The site has a lot of specific information about hemophilia relating to a number of different topics, including health, lifestyle, and relationships. The content is directed at teenagers and young adults, but definitely check it out even if you don't fall into that category! The real aspect of this that stood out to me was the No Limits Tour in the Travel section. A regular hemophiliac, Eviatar Weizman, made a series of short videos about what it was like to travel to other countries with factor. He started in Isreal and went to Nepal, India, Thailand, and New Zealand. Not only that, but he went on long mountain treks in some of these areas as well. How incredible is that? So if your are looking for a little inspiration, or just for some applicable information, this website is worth exploring!-Amanda