Thinking about joining one of our Blood Brotherhood/Dads in Action events? A couple of the guys at the last Night on the Lake event were asked a few fun questions about themselves and their experiences in these programs. If this sounds like something you would like to participate in, join the guys at the Cardinals game on November 25th (contact Jessica at

Meet Andy!

1. Programs you participate in with AHA:

I participate in Camp HONOR, Camp HUG, the Salsa Challenge, the Hemophilia Walk, the holiday party, Blood Brotherhood, the annual meeting, the golf tournament, and in NACCHO.

2. What do you enjoy most about being involved with Blood Brotherhood?

I enjoy Blood Brotherhood for the opportunity it provides to men with hemophilia.  We get to catch up with each others’ lives, and we get to learn something new, all in a fun setting.  

3. What would you tell someone who has not been to a Blood Brotherhood meeting?

The Arizona Hemophilia Association deals mostly with children with hemophilia and their families.  It’s refreshing to have a program just for us men.  We may see each other at community events, but Blood Brotherhood provides the perfect venue for all of us men to interact with each other, in a setting that’s just for us.  The atmosphere is open and supportive, and provides an environment for some great conversations between men who have shared common experiences in our journey with this disorder.  

We share a common bond, and depending on how you view it, an opportunity or a responsibility.  An opportunity to support each other, and a responsibility to share with the younger generation, the parents and the children, the lessons we’ve learned from our experiences.  Messages about vigilance with our blood supply, concerns about keeping the ability to use the medication of your choice, opportunities for the younger generation to have healthy joints and to lead active lives, the encouragement that the cycle of dependence on entitlements can be broken by following the path of higher education and gainful employment, and continued advocacy with those who make our laws in order to assure our unique medical needs are understood, our access to health insurance is improved, and our voices are heard. 

4. It’s a day off of work for you, what would you be doing for fun?

I would be spending time with my wife, riding mountain bikes together, taking the dogs for a walk, enjoying a nice meal, and relaxing with a movie at home.

5. What is your favorite song at the moment?

It may sound corny, but it’s “Blood Brothers,” by Bruce Springsteen.  A guy at a couple of the other camps I attend sings it at least once during the week.  When he’s introducing it to the kids, he frames it around the history of our community and the opportunity of the younger generation to thrive and to lead “rock star lives.”  The lyrics speak to our common bond, and really resonate with me.  Check it out on YouTube:

6. Your meal of choice would be?

Green chile pork burrito with beans and rice at Arriba.