Here is an interview with a dad at the last event! Getting excited to join them for the Cardinals game in November?

Meet Ken!

1.        Programs you participate in with AHA:

Camp Honor, Golf Tournament, Salsa Challenge, NOW, Family Support group

2.       What are you most interested in gaining from Dads in Action? 

Fellowship and entertainment

3.       What would you tell a dad who hasn’t attended an AHA event, but is considering it? 

For all our families get out of AHA (CAMP HONOR, Camp HUG, etc), I hope you enjoy giving back as much as I do.

4.       It’s a day off of work for you, what would you be doing for fun? 

Getting out of the City and into the Wilderness

5.       What is your favorite activity to do with your kids? 

I like to be involved with each of my kids in the activites they enjoy doing, It shows my interest in them and in what they like to do.  I also get to ask lots of questions that I wouldn’t think of asking if I didn’t particpate with them in their interests.

6.       What do you do to support your child with a bleeding disorder? 

Send Him to Camp HONOR, HAPY events, ask how the infusion went today, and ask questions.