Jess Sorenson

Working for the corporate world prior to finding AHA, Jess brings experience in marketing and administration and is enthusiastic about using that knowledge in the non-profit world. She hopes to work on AHA’s social media to help increase general awareness of our community. Jess earned her undergraduate degree in English, emphasis in Professional and Technical Writing, with a minor in Political Science from Utah State University.

Growing up in a small town in South Dakota, Jess enjoys hiking the “mountains” here in the desert as well as “sweating it out” in hot yoga. Having lived in Arizona for less than 2 years, Jess has learned to enjoy the extra months of outdoor activities, while trying to adjust to the hot summer months. More importantly, Jess enjoys spending time with her family here in Arizona. Whether it’s playing sports with her brothers or taking her sister to plays, Jess cherishes the moments she gets to spend with her younger siblings.

Volunteering for a non-profit during college, Jess quickly recognized how much fondness she gained for the people she worked for. “Working for a cause and for people you care about, doesn’t feel like work, it feels like doing things for people you call friends and family.” When interviewing for the position at AHA, Jess caught sight of the passion the AHA team had for the community and was thrilled at the thought of working for such a wonderful team. Jess hopes to do her part in making a difference for the AHA community as well as benefit from being a part of your lives.