Zombies have to pay taxes…

Do you want an $800 Tax Break AND the chance to support the ZOMBIE WALK? 

The Arizona Hemophilia Association resurrected the
Zombie Walk in 2016 and is excited to keep it going! 

Here is a great way to help us!

It’s simple…instead of giving up to $800 to the State,
give it to the Arizona Hemophilia Association and claim it on your tax returns.  

It is NO COST to you!  

All you have to do is donate to the
Arizona Hemophilia Association (AHA)
today and then claim the donation on your taxes.

Through the Arizona Tax Credit, you will receive a
dollar-for-dollar tax credit for up to 
if you are a single filer or up to $800 if you are a couple.

* * You can also claim it as a deduction on your federal taxes!! * *

Donate Now!

This is a great way to reduce your taxes, support the Zombie Walk and
make a huge impact on those living with chronic bleeding disorders in Arizona.

How to Claim Your Tax Credit:

donate-now-click-here-buttonStep 1: Donate to the AHA by going to www.zombiesgive.org

Step 2: Keep Your Receipt

Step 3: File Form 321 with Your Taxes

hero-upWhere Does Your Money Go?


                    • ZOMBIE WALK 9
                    • Summer Camp for kids with Bleeding Disorders
                    • Access to life-saving medication
                    • Education to manage chronic illness
                    • Help people lead productive, independent lives