Social Groups provide an opportunity for our bleeding disorder community to network, share and support one another.

FAME – Family and Member Education

September 22, 2020 – FAME – Gene Therapy Research: Understanding the Science

Gene therapy has been explored as a potential treatment approach for well over 50 years. This talk will provide a general overview of the following questions: What causes genetic conditions? What are the different types of gene therapies being researched? What are gene therapy trials trying to figure out?

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October 6, 2020 – FAME – Laugh

Host Justin Willman challenges one family to open up about the tough stuff—the psychological impact of hemophilia A. And we celebrate the great stuff—the joy of being a family. Guest starring Emmy winner and hemophilia advocate Alex Borstein. Laugh sheds light on the emotional aspects of being a family in the bleeding disorder community. All guests on CHALLENGE ACCEPTED are real members of the hemophilia A community.

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13 de octubre de 2020 – FAME – CÓMO ENFRENTAR LOS CAMBIOS

¿Alguna vez te has preguntado cómo mantener una actitud positiva cuando debes afrontar dificultades personales? Todos vivimos momentos de cambio en nuestra vida, algunos con más sobresaltos que otros. Analizaremos el concepto de resiliencia en momentos de cambio, tanto en niños como en adultos, así como métodos para adaptarnos a circunstancias difíciles, factores que pueden ayudarte, las características de las personas resilientes y formas en las que puedes promover esas capacidades dentro de tu familia, en la escuela y en la comunidad.

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October 15, 2020 – FAME – Braving Change

Ever wonder how to stay positive when confronted with personal challenges? We all experience moments of change in our lives – some bumpier than others. We’ll explore the concept of resilience in the face of change, for both children and adults, including ways to help adapt to difficult circumstances, factors that may help you, characteristics of resilient individuals, and ways of fostering these skills within your family, at school, and in the larger community.

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Próximamente nueva fecha – FAME – Investigación de Terapia Genética: Entender la Ciencia – Cancelada

La terapia génica se ha explorado como un posible enfoque de tratamiento durante más de 50 años. Esta charla proporcionará una visión general de las siguientes preguntas: ¿Qué causa las condiciones genéticas? ¿Cuáles son los diferentes tipos de terapias génicas que se están investigando? ¿Qué están tratando de resolver los ensayos de terapia génic

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Adult educational group for women in the bleeding disorder community.

This group is open to carriers, mothers, wives, daughters and sisters of individuals with inherited bleeding disorders 18 years and older.


WOW- Women of Worth 

Peer led group for women looking for social and emotional support within the bleeding disorders community. Women of Worth find strength and empowerment by sharing their story, resources and by creating new goals to inspire better living. Make new friends or connect with old friends and network in an intimate and safe environment.

This group is open to carriers, mothers, wives, daughters and sisters of individuals with inherited bleeding disorders 18 years and older.


Men’s Group

An adult group designed for men looking for comaradere, education, and social support.


This group is open to adult men with bleeding disorders as well as fathers, sons, and brothers of those individuals with inherited bleeding disorders 18 years and older.

Women’s Retreat

womens retreat ccThe Women’s Retreat is an educational and social event focusing on issues faced by those who have a bleeding disorder as well as mothers, wives, daughters and sisters of individuals with inherited bleeding disorders 18 years and older. It provides support and education to women while enjoying a relaxing environment.  


The women of our bleeding disorder community had a wonderful time at the 2019 Women’s Retreat! Thank you CSL Behring for making this wonderful event happen!


Check back for 2020 dates and registration! 


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