Social Groups provide an opportunity for our bleeding disorder community to network, share and support one another.

is an adult social and educational group for women with bleeding disorders, as well as carriers, mothers, wives, daughters and sisters of individuals with inherited bleeding disorders. Request to join us on Facebook!

**BleedHERs is reserved for Women 18 years and older that are registered members of the Arizona Hemophilia Association.



Men’s Group**
This program is designed for adult men with bleeding disorders looking for comradery, education, and social support.

**Men’s Group is reserved for Men 18 years and older that are registered members of the Arizona Hemophilia Association.

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 Women’s Retreat

womens retreat ccThe Women’s Retreat is an educational and social event focusing on issues faced by those who have a bleeding disorder as well as mothers, wives, daughters and sisters of inherited bleeding disorder patients.  It provides support and education to women while enjoying a relaxing environment.  


This year’s Women’s Retreat was fantastic, we feel it was the best retreat to date! The Retreat was held in Sedona, the ladies enjoyed some amazing views and beautiful weather. Our presenter Kathleen Kirk was wonderful, her sessions where designed to be interactive, it was amazing to listen to the women open up and tell their stories.  The women shared ideas with one another, there was laughter and tears, it was amazing to watch new friendships form and old ones renewed.  Our presenter told us this was the first time that she had so much interaction in any of her speaking engagements. At the end of the day, the ladies enjoyed a relaxing dinner at Javalina Cantina where the food and laughter were plentiful! We began Sunday morning with a yoga session and ended with the ladies sharing what they took away from the weekend. Watch for more information on Women’s Retreat 2019!