Advocacy Efforts

We believe that advocacy should be the number one priority for the bleeding disorder community, given the economic climate, the ongoing healthcare reform, new product introduction, and the merging of industry. It is crucial to engage teens and young adults to become advocates for the bleeding disorders community early on. There is a sense of complacency and entitlement by those affected by a bleeding disorder and we need to create a call to action. Most do not understand the implications of health insurance to access to healthcare. They are unaware of ways they can impact the decision makers in the state to make a difference in the lives of everyone living with a bleeding disorder in Arizona.

Our approach is to continue to pursue our AHA programs that assist in creating greater public awareness. We will also pursue public policy initiatives that will assist in ensuring access to healthcare for the bleeding disorder community.  We will collaborate with organizations involved in the healthcare reform and public officials.


Existing Not Preexisting T-Shirts

In collaboration with local fashion brand State Forty Eight, the AHA has created a campaign to create awareness a

round those living with conditions like hemophilia. In an effort to raise money for our advocacy committee, we also hope to reframe the idea that we are people (existing), not terms (preexisting). Wear your shirt and tell your story!

Thank you to our Advocacy Effort Sponsors!

Interested in becoming a voice in the community and joining our Advocacy Efforts?

Email Leigh Goldstein at for more information on getting involved.

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