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Membership to the Arizona Hemophilia Association is beneficial to those affected with an inherited bleeding disorder. All members will receive our e-newsletters which are full of important information. Along with the newsletters, affected members will receive invitations to the many programs and events held throughout the year. For examples, please go to the Programs section of the website.

If you would like to become a member and you nor anyone in your family has an inherited bleeding disorder, you can still be a part of our community! As an unaffected member, you will also have access to our e-newsletters which are full of important information. You will be added to our mailings, keeping you abreast of all our fundraisers and events. You will also have many opportunities to volunteer throughout the year. For examples of our programs, please go to the program section of the website.


Questions? Please call us at (602) 955-3947 or email with your contact information. Let us know how you would like to be involved!