Our mission is to provide high quality, integrated comprehensive care to treat the whole person that leads to lifestyle optimization.

Primary Care and Hematology Specialists

The Arizona Bleeding Disorders Health and Wellness Center is changing the paradigm of bleeding disorders care. We are offering the best of both worlds – we are combining the traditional hemophilia treatment center model with primary care under the patient centered medical home model. Our care team is able to become your primary care specialist, with an internist trained in the treatment of bleeding disorders. The unique advantage of this approach is that we will be able to address all of the patient’s medical issues, help with the challenges patients face as they transition from youth to adulthood, and manage co-morbidities.


Kenneth Pettit, DO
Medical Director Of Primary Care


Katerina Boukouvala,
Nurse Practitioner

Watch this video to learn why we started!

Location and More Information

The Arizona Bleeding Disorders Health & Wellness Center is located across from the Arizona Hemophilia Association office on 5th Avenue in Phoenix.  To learn more about the Health Center, follow the below link or call the office number listed below!


(602) 680-7722



A safe and homelike, ambulatory infusion suite that offers medical and wellness infusions.


Recover. Revive. Rejuvenate.

  • We are centrally located in Historic Roosevelt Row
  • We offer infusions in a safe and homelike environment
  • Minimal disruption for professionals
  • Physician on site with certified nurse’s supervising care
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Coordinated care with your physician and/or Case Manager to obtain Insurance authorization and we will provide clinical updates
  • Walk in wellness infusions available

WELLNESS Infusions

QUENCH: Rehydration to help reduce inflammation and improve circulation
ELITIST: Replenishment designed to help you recover faster and get back to your workout routine
YOUTH PROTECT: Restore your youthful glow with this rejuvenating anti-aging treatment
REVITALIZE: Soothe and rehydrate for fast hangover relief
SUSTAIN: Rev up your weight loss program and burn fat more effectively
VITAMIN C: Support your natural immune response and stop that cold before it starts
B-12 THERAPY: Improve your mood, concentrate better, and feel more entergetic
GLUTHATHIONE: A great detoxifier, used to treat a wide variety of diseases and boost immunity
MULTI-TRACE: Contains a mix of vitamins and minerals to boost overall health and well-being

HEALTH Infusions

Factor Replacement Therapy
Biologic Therapy (Rituxan, Remicade, Tysabri, Entyvio)
Intravenous Antibiotics & Diuretics
IV Iron Therapy
IVIG Therapy
Reclast & Prolia Osteoporosis Therapy
Nutritional support
IV Hydration
Therapeutic Phlebotomy
Central Line Care
Can Customize


(602) 680-7722


530 N 5th Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85003