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“This program has helped us grow, both in knowledge but has also helped us learn more camp traditions to pass on. We are still a new camp, and having that outside knowledge come in and share with us has helped our campers, (families) learn, grow, and receive that camp fun.” – Camp Red Sunrise, Idaho

“Over the past few years I have had a lot of difficulty finding nurses with hemophilia experience to adequately staff our infirmary. As you know, this is vital to a camp program. Sue brings a wealth of knowledge with her. At our camp we do not have HTC support with nurses. Sue brings 30+ years of HTC and multiple camp experiences to the table. She brought new and fun games to freshen up our infirmary education sessions.” – Tyla Fowlkes, Camp Freedom, Tennessee

“The Alaska Hemophilia Association partnered this year with the National Camp Exchange and strongly endorses, and appreciates, the National camp Exchange program, the Arizona Hemophilia Association, and Octapharma for their support of NCE. Much of our success this year with camp can be attributed to this partnership and the support given.” – John A. Palmatier, Camp Frozen Chozen, Alaska